Monday, January 16, 2012

More 'stasches

So I think I am going to sell multiple kinds of mustache dinner sets. Like bushy, curly, thin, Asian! Hahaha just havin fun!

$10 deal for the kitchen!

My mustache mug and plate is now for sale! There is more than one so don't thnk it's just one. This wonderful set Is great for your Italian dinner nights, as well as fun for the kids! Don't forget, dads would fall for this! This set is currently available for only $10! Coupons are available monthly if you are a subscriber.


Please scroll down to see the mustache dinner set. It's my Fave!

Theme: #3: Book page wall art


Theme: Book crafts #2 Book pencils!


Theme: Book Crafts #1 Book Bow!

I might post a tutorial on this later but here it is!:

Cup Cake!:)

This is tooooo cute!

Sorry the pictures arent the best:(

Paisley magnetic Memo board! :)

This is TOO CUTE! perfect for a dorm room!

Live-Laugh-Love Planter/ herb garden!

I made this too!

Mustache Plate & cup!

I made this set cheap!

I might be posting tutorials later:)

Dollar store Haul;)

Today my wonderful Mommie took me to the dollar tree;)

I got: (each $1)

*an off white square dinner plate (glass)
*an off white coffee cup (glass)
*one black sharpie (fine tipped)
*a set of 3 white plastic ramekins
*a white plastic bucket
*wall stickers (flowers)
*wall stickers (paisley)
*a white shower curtain liner
* a nonstick shallow pizza pan
*a spool of cotton twine
*a pack of 4 plastic metallic headbands
*2 stuffed soccer balls (for the stuffing)

I think that's it! I have already created 5 wonderful easy things with these items andi will be posting pictures soon!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

New theme! #1 book pages!

Every week or two I will have a new theme and for every one there will be 3-5 crafts that use that item. This week is book pages. So I have already created 3 things. There will be either a picture or tutorial on each item. ;)))

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hey everyone;)

Hello my name is Jenna and I am a huge wannabe crafter. If your like me then you wish you could do all of the fancy cute little crafts. But every time you try them, they flop. I like to stick to the simple, elegant crafts. Even though I am very young, I take this very seriously. My crafting dream is to be in the competition "so you think your crafty". It's a very fun 10 week competition. Please help me reach this goal by following my blog and regularly check it. I don't have any tutorials up yet but I will soon. Thanks;)